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Rumbuka is a private company operating in rwanda, registered in RDB, RAB, and RSB.

We are Market Leader

Our Main Objective is to help the government of rwanda to implement its plans of sufficient hybrid maize seeds and distribution to farmers across the Country. In order solve the farming problems in Rwanda like lack of seeds that are appropriate for rwanda weather.

To this day therefore Rumbaka Seeds Ltd does:

  1. Seeds Multiplication of Maize varieties produced by RAB, RHMH1611, RHMH1601, RHMH 1520, RHM1407, RHM1409 and RHMH1402

In collaboration with other companies that have the right of doing seed multiplication and seeds distribution, We started collaborating with Western Seeds Company which operates in Kenya

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Our varieties

Our Services

Hybrid maize seed multiplication

In order to ensure that farmers attain the high potential of Rumbuka’s hybrid maize varieties, Rumbuka seed Ltd provides basic seeds and insecticides for free to the farmers and buys the obtained yield from them at the best price agreed between Cooperatives and Rumbuka.

Beans seed multiplication

In order to ensure that farmers attain the high potential of Rumbuka has started multiplying beans varieties, Rumbuka seed ltd provides basic seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers free of charge to the farmers and buys the obtained yield from them at the best price agreed between Cooperatives and Rumbuka seeds ltd.

Seeds processing & supplying

In order to obtain the best maize and bean seeds, Rumbuka seeds Ltd processes production from the farmers(Cooperatives) using specialized machines, Once the seeds are processed, they are placed in different stocks of Rumbuka seeds Ltd across the country for convenient delivery to consumers..

Technical Assistance

In addition, Rumbuka operates demonstration plots of hybrid maize combined with a programme of technical assistance to raise awareness of the benefits of hybrid maize and teach farmers good agricultural practices to optimize the yield from their maize.


In order to promote the seeds produced by Rumbuka seeds Ltd every season Rumbuka seeds Ltd provides training to the Agro-dealers and to the Big farmers explaining to them how its seeds are grown and letting them know what's new in the upcoming season.

Our Warehouses

Rumbuka has various warehouses all over the country in Provinces.

Southern Province

  • Kamonyi - Gacurabwenge (250784501574)

  • Ruhango - Ruhango (250785110880)

  • Muhanga - Nyamabuye (250788215622)

  • Nyanza - Ku bigega (250785110880)

  • Huye - Karubanda (250789280566)

  • Nyamagabe - Gasaka (250788869997)

  • Nyaruguru - Kibeho (250789729482)

  • Gisagara - Kibirizi (250789280566)

Northern Provence

  • Musanze - Karwasa (250782100812)

  • Nyabihu - Mukamira (250789204380)

Eastern Province

  • Bugesera - Nyamata (250785691491)

  • Kayonza - Mukarange (250780000362)

  • Gatsibo - Gatsibo (250788746963)

Western Provence

  • Nyamasheke - Ku buhinga (250788858697)

  • Karongi - Rubengera (250786603652)


  • Kigali-Masoro (250784835597)

  • Kigali-Nzove (250786441047)



Dr. Paul Coleman


Fraterne KAMALI

Managing Director


Senior Productions Manager


Seed quality control specialist


Accounts Receivables Officer


Senior Accountant


Seed processing & stock count Manager


Marketing Manager


Warehouse Coordinator and Sales Manager

Eugenie DUKUZE

Beans Project Coordinator

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Rumbuka Seeds Ltd
Umuyenzi plaza, KN 5 Rd
Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: 250 788308607
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